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Brain surgery for Leandri Campaign

My name is PJ Strydom, a teacher in Middelburg, and my sister, Leandri van der Westhuizen, is 45 years old.

She was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 11 years old. The tumour led to hormonal and pituitary gland defects which meant she could not have children. Leandri had radiation treatment but no chemo. She has been in remission ever since. She worked at Coca-Cola for 16 years and resigned due to stress. Her bone density was tested when she was 29 and the results were abnormal. 

She had a stroke 2 years ago that influenced her speech, writing, walking and day-to-day activities. 

A year ago Leandri started leaking large amounts of fluid from her left nostril. The fluid was tested at the lab and the results confirmed that it was fluid from the brain (cerebrospinal fluid). According to scans ordered by Dr Spies, she needs an operation where they insert a synthetic membrane to prevent the fluid from leaking and future infections. 

On 12 July, she fell asleep after complaining about severe headaches. She didn't wake up the next morning. She was taken to the hospital in Polokwane by ambulance. The diagnosis was meningitis. Her iron levels were low and the infection count was high. She was in a coma for several days. My sister was discharged on the 4th of August. She is still wearing diapers and my mother is taking care of her 24/7. She is sleeping a lot more than usual and eating very little. She is struggling to walk and talk. 

On Thursday, 31 August, her nose started leaking fluid again. The dr confirmed that her condition is now life-threatening. She has to undergo surgery as soon as possible. 

She has to be taken to Netcare Pretoria East Hospital to dr Slabbert where the first consultation is R2261.10.

A rough estimate of the funds needed is about R200 000.

This money will go towards paying for the surgery, scans, hospitalisation, physiotherapy and so forth.

Donor Messages

Corna Pieterse
So wonderful to hear the op was a success. God is good all the time.
Sterkte Leandri
Sterkte vir julle. Van Louis Trichardt.
Bid vir volkome herstel!

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