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Plaas Protect NPC

Our Cause is to defend the farming community and to prevent more farm attacks.

If farmers could afford to pay thousands of Rands each month to defend their families, they would, but unfortunately most cannot.

Too many innocent farmers, families of farmers and farm workers have been brutally murdered while our hands were tied, because we didn’t know how to help. Now you CAN help and make a difference.

Many farmers can afford to spend money on armed guards, but not all can. These are the farmers we want to help, with your donations!

Services Offered to the Farming Community

• Highly Trained, Skilled & Hardened Armed Guards Placed Around Each Farm House

• Patrol with Armed Response in the District (no more than 20km radius)

• Trained Dogs & K9 Officers

• State-of-the-Art Defense & Protection Equipment

• Risk & Safety Assessment

• Upgrade of Old & Installation of New Equipment

• Mental-Health Evaluations of All Farm Workers

• Necessary Training for Farm Workers and Farmer’s Family in Case of a Possible Attack

• Trauma / Grief Counseling

We place highly trained, combat ready guards strategically around each farm house, at the cost of R500 pm per guard to the farmer. We pay guards an above average salary (with your donations!), because it is high risk jobs.

We will keep our financial records open to the public, and we will keep you informed on how we are progressing, but just reading and hearing about the murders, and doing nothing about it, isn’t an option anymore. Now you can make a difference, and we pray and trust that you do.

While you sleep peaceful tonight, know that farms are attacked and a farmer, or his family, might lose their lives.

The criminals come prepared. They come in groups of 3 to 10, with cell phone jammers, night vision, AK47s, machetes, combat clothing, and they have no mercy.

Please help us to prevent attacks and to protect our farmers. They need your prayers, and we need your donations.

Thank you for your time and open heart. On behalf of Plaas Protect and the Farming Community, we thank you!

No Farmer, No Food, No Future


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