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Poppie van As Travel Cause

Poppie and I met by chance about 6 years ago, and I asked her to come and prepare her famous 'roosterkoek' at a few of the bicycling races I organise. Over the years she has made 'roosterkoek' at all my races, and she has become part of the family so to speak.

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Donor Messages

Looking forward to the documentary and stopping by in Laingsburg
Jaco Visser
Seënwense tannie Poppie!
This is so wonderful
Nazlie Dalwai
Steffi Rinaldi
great project !
Nikki Grün
May all your dreams come true and may you pay it forward Poppie
eva kujawa
Poppie, wys die Wereld hoe dit gedoen word.!!
Catherine Ehry
Greetings from switzerland
Swain & Maria
Enjoy Poppie!!!