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Hi Guys,Ā 

Here is my story. My dad lost his job in 2019 due to Covid and because of his age, has not been able to get a job since, I stepped in I have been supporting my parents since then.Ā 

In May I decided to invest in a company called FBK, to raise funds for my wedding and unfortunately it was a scam. I took out a loan and added all of my savings into this company, every last cent with the hope that they would help me set a better life for myself and my family.Ā  Unfortunately now, Iā€™m sitting in a position where I am paying money back for a loan and I have used all of my savings for my wedding. I am currently at risk of losing my entire wedding because of this. My partner and her family have been amazing at paying for a lot of the things so far but because of my family situation at home its becoming more and more difficult to cover my end. I am so scared of losing the wedding, more so because this is all my partner has dreamed of and all because of myself not being able to provide and I am hoping to get some help with the intention of paying it forward to someone else one day.

I dont need much, just a little push to get over the line and any contribution would be appreciated.


Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Donations to date

R 5 520.00

Donor Messages

May this small token play a big part in your special day
May your marriage be blessed with the blessings of Allah. May you both grow into pious muslims and parents InShaAllah.
The Real John Wick
Some say - good men died for this money - John Wick
John Wick
This was touching and really a cool way to get where you want to be. Hope it all pans out for the two of you. Stay blessed in all your forward movements ā¤ļø

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šŸŒā€ā™‚ļø donated R 200 via Wedding Woes
29 Aug 2023 R 200
Anonymous donated R 100 via Wedding Woes
29 Aug 2023 R 100
Anonymous donated R 100 via Wedding Woes
28 Aug 2023 R 100
The Real John Wick donated R 5 000 via Wedding Woes
28 Aug 2023 R 5 000
John Wick donated R 20 via Wedding Woes
28 Aug 2023 R 20