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Play with a Purpose Educational Trust

Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust t/a Preschools 4 Africa is a non-profit organsation and trust that was established in 1991 and has over 25 years experience in early childhood development and community development. Through the Play-with-a-Purpose ECD programme, Preschools 4 Africa aims to assist young children to access quality education. 80% of a child's brain is developed by age 5. Research indicates that a child that does not receive the correct stimulation in the first five years has a 70% chance of being arrested for a violent crime and has less than a 30% chance of entering tertiary education. We aim to be part of the change in uplifting education in the fight against crime and creating economic change.

Our vision is to  do this through a quality preschool within walking distance of every child. We aim to achieve our vision through providing quality whole school teacher training and mentoring to early childhood development centres (ECDs) across South Africa in rural, townships and suburban areas. Our main focus is creating a standard of equality in education across the board and giving the children of South Africa a chance for a brighter future. We currently work with 70+ ECD centres in South Africa.

Donor Messages

Jim Leape and Suki Hoagland
Hope this helps you get back on the road.
Late Christmas present to my favorite Southafricans.
Jacqueline Wyatt
I am sorry it can't be more but I am on a disability pension and am facing a huge health issue at the moment.
Thank you for all the incredible work you are doing in our communities!
Every little bit
All the best
Keep on moving
Dave Bromfield
Hope you are on the road again soon.