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Good day, my name is Primrose Chigurugudu and l am currently an undergraduate student at Stellenbosch University.

I have always wondered what it feels like to be able to do everything and anything that l want. To join the sports club that l want, to study what l want. I finished matric in the year 2021 and was supposed to begin my first year in 2022 but was unable to due to financial difficulties.
At the beginning of 2023, my parents managed to save up enough money to pay for my registration and a few months of rent. I was so excited because it felt like l was one step closer to my dreams. 

In the duration of the year, l have applied to bursaries for the year 2024 in the hopes of taking the pressure and stress of my parents. 
They haven't been able to pay my fees and the interest has been increasing each passing month. 

With next year nearing by, my future is uncertain. I am unable to register for my second year with outstanding fees and lf it so happens that a bursary approves of my application, they are unable to pay my previous debt. 
I am seeking out help and support to clear my student debt so l can continue on this journey. 
My outstanding fees is currently standing at R36 851

Your generous donations to support my educational journey mean more than words can express. Your kindness has the power to transform my aspirations into reality, breaking down the financial barriers that stand in the way of my education. With your support, you're not just contributing to my academic fees; you're investing in a future filled with possibilities. Your belief in the value of education is a beacon of hope, allowing me to focus on my studies without the weight of financial strain. Each donation is a stepping stone toward my dreams, and I am profoundly grateful for the impact your generosity will have on my life. Thank you for being a key player in shaping my future and making education a reachable dream.


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