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Help Prince fund his Medical Degree Logo

Help Prince fund his Medical Degree

My name is Prince Chikezie. I am seeking help in furthering my education. My career ambition is to become an academic neurosurgeon and to contribute to the advancement of neurosurgery/neurology across Africa.

To contribute, please first select the project below then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Best of luck with this wonderful calling!
Reach for the stars
Good luck Prince!
From an ex-Matie
Dear Prince. go for it! Dont be too stuck on Neuro-surgery before you have experienced everything.
Hope this helps!
Good luck Prince! Always admired your passion! Can’t wait to see you achieve your dreams!
Natalie Murfin
You've got this my dude. You're gonna change the world.
Caity Perry
Good luck Prince. Don’t give up on your dreams. You can do it!
220 Project
Keep pushing- you have been nothing but incredible so far and will no doubt continue to be

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