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Escaping and Thriving Campaign

Dear supporters, I'm reaching out for help to escape a toxic living situation. Living in an unhealthy environment has become unbearable and detrimental to my well-being. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I'm unable to leave on my own. Your generosity and support will directly contribute to giving me the chance to start anew and create a safe, stable, and healthy life. Every donation, big or small, brings me closer to breaking free from this toxic cycle and building a brighter future. Your kindness and compassion will make an immense difference in my life, allowing me to take the first steps towards healing and independence. 

No one talks about the detriment that family can cause. Living in an environment where people constantly emotionally abuse you, being scared to go home because of the anxiety and heart palpitations caused by being in a toxic household where there are so many unpredictable things that can happen. I was 15years old when this started happening in my life. I lived with the hope that the situation would get better and at that naive age you have faith that these people love you and care about you but it’s takes time to realise that it never changes. The only change that happens is when you realise that no matter how difficult it is to leave, you have to leave. Hence I am really trying I have been employed and truly am not just sitting waiting around for things to be handed to me. There might be causes that are more urgent or necessary then mine but if you find it in your heart to assist me as a new adult (23 years old) trying to make my way after being in a bad situation then I would appreciate it however little I do raise on this page will assist me to set myself up even with being employed.

Thank you for considering and supporting my journey to a better, healthier life.


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