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Bike accident 63282 Campaign

Quentin was in a bad motorcycle accident on 19 september 2023 after being knocked off his bike by a truck on his way home from work and suffered a horrific injury by breaking his lower left leg in six places. As he was with his current employer for only six months he is recovering at home on a "no work no pay" basis as he does not have sufficient sick leave and a medical aid was not yet in place at the time of the accident creating a couple of difficulties in surviving and covering day to day living costs and expenses until healed and being able to return to work and earn an income again. The accident also created a transport problem as his motorcycle was his only mode of transport that he used on a daily basis whether rain or sunshine he was allways on two wheels going anywhere.  Quentin has, in his capacity as biker,  helped and donated to numorous charity and charity events passionately in the past and at this stage needs a little bit of a hand up just to sustain himself and help him cover his basic needs during this lenghty and difficult healing process as well as medical expenses as the government medical institutions covers basic expenses only leaving quite a lot of expenses not covered and as we all know can be a daunting task to cover as the healing process progress. Let's see what we can do to help quentin and give a hand with whatever we can spare to assist him to recover completely and enable him to get through this difficult time and return to his old self fully healed and able to earn and sustain himself and continue as a brother riding and help and support others like in the past. I thank each and everyone taking the time looking at this request. God bless. 

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