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Quincy Climbing in Moskow

Funds raised will be for costs related to Quincy Vearey's participation in the International Federation of Sport Climbing's World Youth Championships that will be held in Moscow, Russia 8-16 August 2018.

To contribute, please first select the project below then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

To support Quincy. I wish you succes in SPEEDCLIMBING FROM MOWBRAY TO MOSCOW !!!! ;-) Greetings: Ludo
All the best in Moscow
All the best
Fan of King Q
Dedication and passion is a winning combo! You rock, Quincy!
Mr Mustard and Carli-lo
We know you dream, eat, sleep speed climbing. Go make our doggy-hearts proud. We love you!

Activity feed

LUDO DE FERM/ANTWERP/BELGIUM donated R 10 282 to Quincy Climbing in Moskow via Speedclimbing from Mowbray to Moscow
30 Jul 2018 R 10 282
23 Jul 2018 USD 126
09 Jul 2018 R 103
30 Jun 2018 R 514
donated by Esme Arendse to Quincy Climbing in Moskow
08 Jun 2018 R 514