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Quirky 30 NPC Logo

Quirky 30 NPC

Founded By 2 Former Ex-Inmates As A Disruptive Solution To Pathways Out Of Poverty And Crime Which Continues To Ravage Our Communities. We Up-Skill In Marketable Skills And Create Channels And Opportunities For Inclusive Economy Using Technology To Empower, Advance And Promote Sustainable Livelihoods. Our Core Business Focuses On Training Female And Male Unemployed Youth, Teenage Mothers, High School Drop Outs, Ex-Offenders And Offenders In Coding, Design, Soft Skills As Well As Entrepreneurial Skills To Help Them Escape The Grinding Cycle Of Poverty And Crime Which Characterizes So Many Of Their Lives.

Coding Is An Aspirational Job Skill, Which Is Not Only In High Demand Globally But Is Also Well Paid. We Provide Free Training To The Population Groups That Are In Greatest Need Of Such Job Skills - Yet Have The Least Access Due To Their Marginalised Situations - We Hope To Reduce Inequality, Poverty And Criminal Activity, And Ignite Technological Revolutions In Previously Hopeless And Unlikely Places.