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When it comes to the news, a woman is interviewed or quoted as a media expert only once for every four times that a man is. This means that time and again, stories that impact women as much as they impact men, are discussed on news panels and reported in newspapers without women having a chance to voice their input. QW+ curates a database of woman experts, leaders, and agitators; and lobbies journalists and news producers to turn to this database first when looking for people to interview and quote for their stories.

We also call out gender bias in news reporting. We are a nonprofit, and we do not charge experts to be on our database, nor do we charge journalists to access it, as we believe in a level playing field that advantages all experts and all journalists equally. We rely on support from those who have the means to pay; and the belief in what we do, to keep us afloat and sustainable in times ahead.


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R 3 342 000.00

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R 1 559 610.56

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R 1 501 209.00

Donor Messages

Love your work!
Jabulani Fakazi
Verne Harris
Dismantle patriarchy in all its forms!
Bruce Gordon
Let’s get marginalised voices heard.
Melinda Swift from the GCRO
Thanks for the challenge Prof Verne Harris, Nelson Mandela Foundation, accepted with pleasure. I now challenge Bruce Gordon

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