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Where Rainbows Meet Training and Development Foundation

Where Rainbows Meet was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in 2008. Since its inception, in recognition of the multiple disadvantages and challenges facing the Vrygrond community, Rainbows has expanded and diversified its work.

From an initial emphasis on meeting the needs of disadvantaged children, we have broadened our focus to become a holistic community development organisation, with the primary aim to achieve social, economic and health improvements within the community of Vrygrond and its surroundings.

Through the provision of a diverse range of services and events, Rainbows gives different groups within this community access to information, education and support, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own lives, the lives of their families and the overall situation in the community. Our activities also enhance the working skills of community members to decrease unemployment, with concomitant benefits including reductions in drug abuse, domestic violence, child negligence and other social ills.

Services and projects that we support include Early Child Development (ECD), income generation projects, life skills courses, small business development, feeding schemes and annual awareness event.


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