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My name is Chad Nathan and I have been documenting the Coronavirus lockdown since March 27th. Through documenting this, I have seen the impact this disease has had on the less fortunate in South Africa. I have been working alongside these organizations the last few weeks and have witnessed all the amazing work they are doing for these people. I am now hoping to raise R300 000 to help them continue to give back to those in need.

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Donor Messages

Chris Gunderson
Best of luck

Camila Budden

Jenna Smily

With Love, Jenna

What a great cause
Lee Shacksnovis
Great initiative and cause!
Cameron Giovannoni
Let's keep this going !!
Love your work!
Daniel Aluf
Amazing work Chadels!
Bianca De Abreu
Love the work you do! X

Activity feed

Chris Gunderson donated USD $ 10 via Raising Hope
15 Oct 2021 USD $ 10
Charny2 donated USD $ 14 via Raising Hope
14 Oct 2021 USD $ 14
Lee Shacksnovis donated USD $ 14 via Raising Hope
14 Oct 2021 USD $ 14
Cameron Giovannoni donated USD $ 40 via Raising Hope
14 Oct 2021 USD $ 40
Legus donated R 200 via Raising Hope
13 Oct 2021 R 200