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The Ramaphosa Combined School was started in 2011 By principal Mapule Gwangwa and her staff of retired teachers from Ekurhuleni. They started the school from abandoned school buildings of the closed Ekukhanyeni Mission School in the Ramaphosa informal settlement in Boksburg, Gauteng. The formally registered in 2012 and operated with a temporary license until 2016 when it received a full combined school license to operate a Primary and High School.

Unfortunately the school has not received a school subsidy from the Gauteng Department of Education sitting budgetary constraints. The staff have been working for over 8 years without a salary. These teachers and general staff have spent their retirement money serving the learners and community of Ramaphosa. Can we society come together to support them financially so they may atleast receive a stipend to cover their basic expenses such as food and transport costs to get to school and teach these poor learners.

As the Ramaphosa Preparatory School NPC board are raising funds to purchase the land the school is built so we can do a change of ownership  (school property and related licenses) and name (From Ramaphosa Combined School to Ramaphosa Preparatory School to bring in early childhood development and youth training into the school scop of work) of the school. Bring in proper governance, management and accountability. 

The 3 main needs of the schoool are:

1. Financial Support to Teachers and Staff, until the school receives a subsidy

2. Security of Tenure - we have a challenge of obtaining sponsorship from corporates to develop the school grounds due to uncertainity of the land ownership issue. By having ownership of the land we can develop it without any worries. We will be able negoiate terms with the Ekurhuleni municipality to reconnect electricity to school. The school sadly has been without electricity for 3 years now. 

3. The teaching and learning environment - we need stationary for the learners and teachers. sports grounds to do sports activities. our school feeding programme needs to be resourced with food supplies. 


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