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Post Grad Sport Studies Campaign

Dear Buddies 


I hope this appeal finds you well and taken in good spirits.


I have been afforded the opportunity to study again, a post grad in sports development at the University of Western Cape. I was selected as an RPL (recognition of prior learning) candidate via their process. 


Due to the fact that application approval took so long because of the extra processes I missed the cut off for all major general bursary applications which has led me to this point.


I sincerely would like to appeal to you back me in the search of funding support for my program. I have been un-employed since covid as a covid retrenchment which has made it difficult for me to attend such programs in my quest to up-skill myself. 


I would not like this once in a lifetime opportunity to pass me by due to limited financial resources.


I have been involved in sports all my life employed professionally in the industry seeing to operations and structures of organisation I have served community structures for the past 20 years voluntarily mentoring men from school level into tertiary institutions I have guided school learners from all races and denominations to positions of becoming better people through sports from various levels, I have been fortunate enough to guide young men from distressed communities to life at better schools systems at more affluent areas and cities and taken those very same kids to achieve provincial stardom all through the power of sport, having lived on the Cape Flats all my life I have seen first hand how people deteriorate because of a lack of activity and talent falls by the way side because of a lack of proper guidance and positive mentorship, which has driven me to make a success of this quest to up-skill myself to better serve humanity. I plea to you my kind friends to sincerely consider any form of support or merely being so kind to spread the message to your respective network


Your Buddy 



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