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Hi All. 

My sister in law Noeraan Moos is suffering from stage 4 kidney failure which is a severe loss of her kidney function. She is 35 years of age and has a daughter named, Zagrah. 

She attends dialysis clinic 3 to 4 times a week. She has medical aid but unfortunately there are certain bloods that the medical aid does not cover. She is in constant pain and is swollen most times and suffering internally. 

She does not complain but reached out to me a few days ago saying that she is drowning in medical bills and this worry is affecting her health. She asked me to find her a fund raising platform to assist her to be able to meet her extra out of pocket medical expenses. 

She is very dear to my heart and I worry a lot about her. She has been suffering with this condition for a while now. She has high BP and suffers from a heart condition due to the kidney failure. She is being administered medication to strengthen her heart but it still not ready for any major operations. 

Her kidneys became damaged from a physical injury and thus was only diagnosed much, much later when she started complaining of pain in her kidney area. Once kidneys are damaged, they are not able to filter blood or do their other jobs well enough to keep one healthy. Some of the important jobs kidneys do is to regulate hormones, assist to keep blood pressure under control, keep bones healthy, balance body fluids,and assist in making red blood cells. 

She recently landed in hospital with blood poisoning and was in a very bad state but pulled through just just. With Noeraan being on dialysis, there is a vascular excess site under her skin and inside her blood vessel which is called a catheter. This excess point is where germs have a direct access to the bloodstream which can be fatal as the bacteria spreads thought the body and affect other major organs as well. 

I humbly ask to consider any donation no matter how small to assist with her medical bills. She will highly appreciate any and all the help she can get. 

Thank you. 


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