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Rasta Beds Cause

Last Friday evening, the 2nd of August, A huge fire raged through Jeppestown, an underserved suburb in Johannesburgs inner city.  Rasta Beds is run by a group of Rastas who started from scratch and have risen to build a really solid micro business in Johannesburg.  They raised money and bought machinery and in less then 4 hours lost most of their stock and their machines to the flames of the raging fire and to opportunistic looters, as the Rastas threw their mattresses out of the burning building.

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Donor Messages

Please rebuild
A small token to show that we are with you Rastas. Inspired by your resilience?????????????
You'll make it
Keep it going.....
Good luck! Your Rasta bed adverts and stickers all over Joburg have had me intrigued for years! Good luck and keep hustling
one love
Best of luck.
Good luck gents, looking forward to hearing your good news story soon.
Wishing you all the best.