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My name is Ray Kitching, I have cerebral palsy from birth. I am unable to earn an income as I would like to. I have been staying at Eric Miles Cheshire homes for thirty-five years. I get a sassa disabled grant of R 1900 pm which Cheshire takes for a huge percentage for board and lodging. I do get family support but not enough to cover my rent at the home. At the end of 2023 my outstanding balance is a huge amount that I still need to pay in on top of my monthly rent which will be 15 000 pm in April this year. As I need assistance I am asking interviduals and local companies if you are in a position to sponsor on a monthly or yearly basis towards my rent. If need be I am prepared to put stickers on my chair to advertise for anybody who is willing to assist me.

Sincere Thanks
Ray Kitching.

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