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Ray of Hope

RAY OF HOPE is a babies transition home in Glen Hills, Durban.

Our house parents provide a loving and nurturing environment for our baies while taking care of the day to day running of our home, wonderfulle assisted by our competent team of day and night care givers.

We offer love, care, protection, and hope to babies and toddlers in crisis.

The world is experience many challenges today, not least of which is the Global Orphan Crisis. Choldren are being orphaned -due to wars, famines, disasters and diseases-at an increasing rate.

This crisis is particularly acute in South Africa with the KwaZulu-Natal region being the worst affected in terms of ratio to population. It is the deep desire of Immanuel Christian Church to help some of these abandoned babies in our local community, in a practical way through our babies home-Ray of Hope(under the NPO: Imisebe Yelanga, which means "Ray of Sun")


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