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Funds for Ilya 4 who has leukemia 67564 Campaign Logo

Funds for Ilya 4 who has leukemia 67564 Campaign

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am sharing the story of little Ilya, a vibrant 4-year-old filled with boundless energy and endless smiles. Just a few weeks ago, Ilya's family received devastating news – she has been diagnosed with leukemia. It started with her struggling to recover from an illness, leading to numerous tests and ultimately her admission to the hospital.

Currently, Ilya is undergoing extensive treatments far away from the comfort of her home. The journey ahead is challenging, both emotionally and financially. As her family navigates this difficult time, unforeseen costs continue to mount.

Your generous donation will help alleviate the financial burden on her family, ensuring that Ilya receives the best possible care during this critical period.

Please consider donating to our crowdfunding campaign.

Every contribution, every act of kindness, brings us one step closer to providing Ilya with the care she needs and deserves.

Your support will not only assist in covering medical expenses but also provide a glimmer of hope and strength to Ilya's family during this challenging time.


Thank you,


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