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Father killed family in need Campaign

My brother, Philip Fourie, at the age of 62, was shot and killed early Tuesday morning during a house robbery which left his wife, daughter and grand daughter destitude with no income.  Unfortunately his employer did not offer a pension fund and my sister in law was retrenched after working 27 years for a well known huge company. My brother also did not have the means to support his family and take out a funeral policy or life policies to secure their future.  

I would like to appeal to you to please assist this family with any donation you can possibly make as they have not just lost a loving husband, father and grandfather, but also the breadwinner of the household.  This family is absolutely devastated by Philip's death and are struggling to accept his death and to deal with the trauma of this horrible event.  

Philip was a child of God like his whole family and they are holding on to their faith to see them through this very difficult time.  Philip has protected his family with his own life and was an organ donor who also help others after his death.  

Please open your hearts and help us to uplift this family in a small way by not allowing them to worry about where basic things like daily food etc will come from.  

I thank you in advance for your kindness and assistance. 


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