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My Aunty Patty(74) and my cousin Dellarise(48) have been struggling to make ends meet. Although Dellarise still works, they have been living from hand to mouth since Dellarise has had multiple back surgeries as the result of an accident a few decades back. Out of desperation, my aunt answered an add in the local newspaper that promised to help people in their position. Unfortunetly, it turned out to be a scam. They were conned into selling their house with the promise of a new house and a new start, as well as their car, their only assets and needless to say, the scammers made off with all their money, every last cent. They are now homeless and desolate. We are starting this campaign to help them back on their feet. We, as their family, help where we can, but times are hard everywhere and we have limited resources. Funds raised to help will be used to home them, as well as to fill their pantry until they can get  back on their feet. Every little bit helps and we appreciate every donation, no matter how small.

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