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message from Tristan

“My name is Tristan I have a dream and it's to finish school but due to problems I can't see I was in DF Malherbe in 2023 but because of bullying and stuff I gotta kicked out the whole story is there was these kids that kept on picking on me because of my eyes the one side hangs so the one day I wa swalk8ng with my friend then they tried pushing her off the stair then I got mad and started pushing the kid that pushed around in the hall because it's no use going to the teachers they don't sort it out they just talk to the kids and leave it so after that I was expelled for standing up for myself and after and during that time I lived with my grandmother in witch was not a pleasant person and when she found out she kicked me out of the house then after that I had to move back in with my mom and my step-dad witch I didn't like at all because everything I do is never good enough when I am home it doesn't feel nice at all it's feels like I don't wanna be there but an anyways after that I tried finding another school witch did not work because me that's 17 no school wants me or there isn't space for me so I came across this school called Bayside they the only ones that will except me but the problem is I don't have the money to pay at all and my mom doesn't care about me finishing school all she says is I must find a job because I can't live for free so I looking for someone to just help me raise enough money for me to finish school this year this is my last year after this year I will be on my own and better off without these people so far there is only one person willing to help me that actually sees something in me and wants me to finish school and that is my girlfriend's family”


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