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Charity Run to raise Funs for Magda teeth Campaign

Dear cherished friends and family,

We are reaching out to share a heartfelt story of transformation and hope. Magda, a beloved friend, has embarked on a remarkable journey guided by faith and resilience. She is a devoted mother of five whose past struggles with addiction were overcome through the grace of God. In the past four months, we have witnessed her remarkable spiritual growth and unwavering determination to be a better person and mother.

Magda possesses a voice akin to an angel, yet her confidence has been hindered by her dental challenges. Often, she finds it difficult to engage with others without covering her mouth, hindering her ability to fully express herself. However, we firmly believe that God has a greater plan for her life—one where her voice and testimony will inspire and uplift many.

We are compelled by God's calling to support Magda in obtaining a new set of teeth, enabling her to regain confidence and share her gifts with the world. To manifest our commitment to this cause, I will be undertaking a 100km run, symbolizing the endurance and determination required to bring this dream to fruition.

Our goal is to raise R15000, a sum that will not only transform Magda's life but empower her to bless others with her beautiful smile and inspiring story. We invite you to join us in this divine mission by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign. Together, let us be instruments of God's love and grace, bringing light and joy into Magda's life and the lives she will touch with her newfound confidence and radiant smile.

God bless 
Richard and Mariette



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