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Please help Riegal and Theo Campaign

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In a time of unexpected crisis, we turn to you with a heartfelt plea. Riegal, a committed English teacher in Vietnam since January 2018, along with his young son, Theo aged 13, are in a precarious situation.

The Dilemma: Theo’s passport expires on January 22nd, 2024. Unfortunately, we're facing unexpected delays in renewal, with no assistance from the South African embassy in Vietnam. Their visa ends on December 22nd, 2023. 

With embassy offices closed, they're trapped, facing daily fines for overstaying their visa. As this situation was unexpected Riegal, having recently changed schools, has no funds in reserve to afford the cost of plane tickets.

The Challenge: Theo is only 13 and must be accompanied by an adult during a complex journey back, involving three layovers. The cost for such assisted flights is substantial. Therefore  the only option is that Riegal needs to travel with Theo, adding to the financial strain.

Urgent Financial Need: The tickets from Hanoi to Johannesburg cost an average of $750 each. With Riegal’s teaching hours reduced during the holiday season, affording this unplanned expense is beyond their means.

How You Can Make a Difference: Your support, no matter the size, is crucial. Contributions will help cover flight costs and the fines accruing from their visa overstay. Time is of the essence, as each additional day adds to their financial burden.

Our Gratitude: In appreciation, Riegal offers his expertise in website design, repair, upgrades, SEO, and chatbot development. Additionally, graphic design and social media marketing are available to assist your business needs.

Please Lend Your Support: This journey is more than a return home; it's a race against escalating penalties. Your kindness and generosity can make all the difference in bringing Riegal and Theo back safely.

Thank you deeply for considering our plight. Your support is a beacon of hope in this challenging time.

With immense gratitude,
Riegal and Theo du Toit


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