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Rise Recovery Centre is a sub - division of Freedom Recovery Centre. We focus on the rehabilitation of women only. We are a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. A lot of our ladies come in off the street, they do not have medical aid and cannot afford rehabilitation, counseling, psychiatric or even basic medical treatment.

 We assist these ladies firstly to overcome their addiction, which is never the main cause of there problems, it is a symptom of everything they have had to go through. Residents booked into our centre have not had easy lives, most, if not all have been abused sexually or physically as children, raped as adults and have almost always suffered tremendous trauma in their lives which they have never received help for. For most it will be the first time in their lives where they will sit in front of a social worker or counselor who wants to offer them help and most importantly love and acceptance - no matter what.

Our centre is in dire need of a faceliftand this is the reason why we are looking at raising some funds (whatever we can get would be put to good use)

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