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Risewomen: was established  by Lindiwe Emelda Gagela in 2016, who saw and identified a gap in fighting and combating social ills that are affecting township women.

We  are a registered NPO that focuses on township women of all ages, we do events and conferences for township women with the aim of fighting social ills such as child and women abuse, gender inequality and poverty. We also assist with networking opportunities and partner with both private and public stakeholders. We also collect sanitary towels and organize career fairs for young girls.

Our aim:  is for us as women to come together inspire, motivate and support one another. We focus on the issues that impact the daily activities of the women from the townships, fighting gender inequality, women empowerment and look at the mind-set and personal tools that can assist in reducing poverty, all sorts of social ills i that are affecting women and children. 

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