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Rehabilitation of abusive men Logo

Rehabilitation of abusive men

We are an organisation that helps abusive men with unlearning their abusive behaviour. We aim to end domestic abuse in the household and create a safe haven for women and children but directly working with abusive men.

Our program is a 3 step program namely Abusers Intervention Program (AIP), Domestic Violence Safety Dialogue (DVSD) and Restorative Justice (RJ). We work together with the family court in Johannesburg and POWA (People opposing women abuse), another non-profit organisation that is working hard in ending domestic abuse in our communities.

Our program is a 52 week program, whereby we meet abusive men on a weekly basis to discuss matters regarding abuse and how it badly affects the household and the community at large.

Please help us continue this work and reach as many communities as possible. During the 16 days of activism we had an interview on Metro FM on the Fresh Drive, many men have come forward seeking for help to change their abusive behavior as well as women who have pleaded with us to help their spouses and family members to help them change their behaviour.

My name is Kalengo Mabasa, founder and director of R.O.A.M

Your ongoing support to our cause is highly appreciated.