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Robin Good was established out of the realisation of the desperate poverty in which many in our country exist on the one hand and the relative abundance of others on the other.

In the same geographical area we found that the destitute, particularly the very old and the very young, unable to improve their situation in life lived next to others who were in comparative luxury, having excesses of the basic essentials of life. A need became apparent. Our research showed that those with excess were quite willing to pass this on to those without, providing that the goods would end up in the hands of the needy.

The Robin Good Initiative was formed to facilitate a flow of goods from the excess of those that have, to the needs of those that have not. Rather than initiate a new help program, it channels goods through existing organisations concerned with the relief and uplifting of the poor on a daily basis. These organisations were faced with the challenge of finding sufficient resources. It is for this reason that Robin Good Initiative positioned itself as a type of “wholesaler”, (but without the selling or any form of charge to Recipient Organisations).

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