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Natasha Rundle, a Mother of 3, grandmother, a wife and an angel to everyone being family or the community to whom she serves in any way possible.

My Mom has been experiencing leg pain for the last year and it has become increasingly difficult to move around, however she still goes to work and tries her best to do everything she normally would but , Somedays she can't bend down anymore, put on socks & shoes, difficulty in and out the shower and to basically get up from being seated or laying down. In the last 9 months she has been having horrible pain in her hip gets to stages where moving is excruciating.

This year we took her for scans and this showed the left hip is bone on bone and was advised that she had Osteoarthritis, she was told she would need to have a hip replacement done as soon as possible. She is currently going through the government process however they are not able to do much but give her pain mediation which hardly assist her with her pain. on the 28/08/2023 She has been to see a specialist at Livingston Hospital but has advise her condition has worsened and that they will not be able to assist with a hip replacement and given her another date for next year August 2024. 
We have also taken her to see a private specialist to get a second opinion, however a hip replacement is the only option for her at the moment.   
Please help so we may be able to get her in for the surgery before she becomes completely immobile.  There is no medical fund or insurance for this and we don't have the means to pay for this.
Government hospital is no option, as she was told they can not assist her and she is struggling more daily. She has walkers to help but needs to move her leg by picking it up as an example. Some supports to hold on to in the bathroom added, every bit helps! Private operation cost is R239 477.34 with doctors, anesthesia etc. So kindly consider a small donation or share to help her please...
Appreciate every form of assistance so much


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R 239 478.00

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Praying for a good and complete healing.
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