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Donate for Legal justice Campaign

In the shadows of pain and despair, a courageous single mother and her innocent child have emerged from the clutches of a long-term alleged abusive relationship. We appeal to your hearts today to join us in ensuring that justice prevails for this resilient family. Your support can be the beacon that guides them towards a brighter, safer future.

Let us unite in support of a brave mother who has fought tirelessly for her child's safety and justice. Together, we can make a profound difference in their lives, creating a future filled with hope, healing, and the promise of a new beginning. 

Donor Messages

In your corner, and roaring protection over your life.
Stay strong! xx
You got this and we got your back. Always. Xx
Roland, you have my support.
Standing right behind you!
Kath F

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13 Feb 2024 US $ 29
18 Jan 2024 R 1 000
12 Jan 2024 R 110
12 Jan 2024 US $ 58