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Romarios Birthday Umgeni Birds Cause Logo

Romarios Birthday Umgeni Birds Cause

Romario Valentine is a 10 year old Enviromental activist from Durban.

Romario is passionate about birdlife, marine and wildlife conservation, beach clean ups and tackling climate change. 

To contribute to this cause, please click on the link below...

Donor Messages

Yue Meng
Lots of love
Awesome way to commemorate your birthday dude
I love your beautiful spirit little eco-warrior. Thank-you for helping our feathered friends.
Fr J
Thank you for your love and care for our feathered friends, Romario

God bless you.

Namaste Romario! Light and Love. Keep being a sunshine boy.
Julie C

Happy Birthday Romario! Durban is proud of you

Keri Miller (East Coast Radio)
You are such a shining light at a time when everyone is filled with FEAR... You are just... LOVE. thank you for the wonderful interview and everything you're doing.
You are making a better future for all