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RUBY Foundation were established in 2018 by Founder Gideon van der Merwe with experience in the E C D Centre's sector from 2013. More than 300 Centres are involved situated in tounships around Gauteng and North West in South Africa.

RUBY FOUNDATION offers administrative assistent services, wellness programmes and training to E C D centers at townships in GAUTENG and NORTH WEST provinces in South Africa. We enhance and improve the compliances climate in E C D Centers.

Our objectives are:

  • Develop Compliances strategies skills for the beneficiaries
  • Raise funds and benefits for projects run by the E C D Centers
  • Promote Training skills for better management and administration at E C D Centers
  • Promote wellness and nutrition services to E C D Centers

E C D Centers become a beneficiary by entering into a membership relationship.

Benefits for the Members:

  • Become partial care compliant
  • Receive training and development programmes
  • Assist with Creche activities and Events
  • Assist with wellness and gardening projects
  • Provide Yoga activities for children and Teachers

RUBY FOUNDATION plays a huge role in the life's of thousands of unplivileged children to improve their life's and opportunities in South Africa



Donations to date

R 500.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Donor Messages

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Thanks that we can be part of the project to make a difference is people's lifes