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We have gone through very very tough times and we are going to loose our accomodation by the end of the month , even though god has put us on our knees we still pray everyday for a guardian angelĀ  and trust on him and his decisions for my family , the funds will be used for a place to stay and transport , food ect . We both have tried to find a job with little to no success and have no means to get to interviews ect. If we get funding and a helping hand even a little bit to get us back on our feet we will do the same for others in need. We never thought we would get into this position as we are good people with simple needs .my wife needs a hip opperation and i have a torn acl with no means to get that sorted out either.we are getting old now and walking many kilometers everyday is taking its toll. Please i ask anybody to help us and thank you for taking the time to read this .

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