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Run For NiQi

Run For NiQi is an initiative established in 2019 by Rhonwyn Brayley, Graham Wells and Gerald Pavel to raise funds for NiQi During's treatment for Cystic Fibrosis. *All funds raised by our campaigns will be managed directly by BackaBuddy NPC.
  • 50% of funds raised will benefit NiQi During's ongoing medical treatment.
  • 50% of funds raised will benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer…

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Donor Messages

Praying for those new lungs that will make such a difference. Well done on the Comrades initiative guys!
Bithia Trenam
I got to know your name through your help with our search for Frankie.. Only recently did I see you also had your own battle you were fighting! You're n incredible inspiration! Praying for you! Xxx
Graham Wells
Thank you Phyllis Geyser for your generous donation.
Wells CT family
So proud of you graham and such a worthy cause ??
Graham Wells
Thank you Akash Singh for your donation.
All the best
Sending you lots of love NiQi and trusting for the perfect pair of lungs to become available for you soon. You are brave and courageous and it shines through so strongly. Take care. Lots of love to u
Well done !!! It is an achievement to do 1 km ????????????
Cupboard Value
We made Gerald Pavel an offer for his bravery in running back to back Comrades marathons in 2019. Hoping that this can assist in making a difference in Niqi's life.

Activity feed

Christine donated R 1 000 to Run For NiQi via Run For NiQi
22 Jun 2019 R 1 000
Bithia Trenam donated R 206 to Run For NiQi via Run For NiQi
20 Jun 2019 R 206
Graham Wells donated R 500 to Run For NiQi via Run For NiQi
15 Jun 2019 R 500
Wells CT family donated R 514 to Run For NiQi via Run For NiQi
12 Jun 2019 R 514
Graham Wells donated R 400 to Run For NiQi via Run For NiQi
12 Jun 2019 R 400