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Help rebuild Mtentu Lodge Campaign

On the 28th December Mtentu Lodge main entertainment area caught fire and burnt down. We lost everything that makes the lodge run including the kitchen, bar, seating area, office, store room and workshop. However no guests or staff were harmed in the blaze and for that we are eternally grateful.

Mtentu Lodge is a community partnership lodge. The local community own the land and all the buildings on the land. Over more than 10 years the lodge has become a successful tourism business supporting over 13 staff and many local spin off businesses. The lodge is central in the fight against proposed exploitative titanium mining in the area. Without the lodge there is no strong cornerstone of tourism in the area. This means that there is no alternative to mining for the community and so the lodges success is important in the fight against the destruction that the mining will bring.

In order to get the Lodge back up and running we need to rebuild the main lapa area and restock it with everything needed to run the lodge again. Our first focus is to raise enough money to rebuild the lapa. We need to buy timber and building materials. All our tools and nearly all of our equipment was lost in the fire and it will all need to be bought again.

In order for the lodge to have a chance of survival and for our staff and community to regain their livelihoods we need your help!


Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

Donations to date

R 77 466.91

Donor Messages

We stayed here last summer and it was a wonderful, beautiful, welcoming haven. I am devastated to hear of the news - please build it up again and rejuvenate everyone who knows and loves Mtentu.
WBHO Construction Cape
We pledge R2,500-00 from WBHO Construction Cape
Wishing you all the best with your recovery to full operation!
I hope you guys can get it up and running again.
Praying that you will receive the funds needed to rebuild the lodge and community source of income. All the best. Looking forward to hearing good news for you soon.

Activity feed

Floss donated US $ 57 via Help rebuild Mtentu Lodge
13 Feb 2024 US $ 57
WBHO Construction Cape donated R 2 500 via Help rebuild Mtentu Lodge
12 Feb 2024 R 2 500
Andre donated R 5 000 via Help rebuild Mtentu Lodge
06 Feb 2024 R 5 000
Gordon donated R 500 via Help rebuild Mtentu Lodge
01 Feb 2024 R 500
Andrew donated US $ 114 via Help rebuild Mtentu Lodge
26 Jan 2024 US $ 114