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Russell High School Trust

Russell High, based in Pietermaritzburg, is a government school with a rich history spanning over 140 years, providing quality education for girls from working class families and those of modest means.  Established in 1897 at the time of the Anglo-Zulu war, the school is still operating in the original heritage buildings and is “home” to just over 500 girls of all races and cultures.  It is a school with an open heart and creative spirit.

The roots of Russell High run deep into the life and history of Pietermaritzburg.  The school it is an integral part of a living community and has adapted and changed in order to serve the needs of that community. Change and adaptation has been the history of Russell High, but what has not changed is its ethos; it remains a small “Family” school, not very rich in terms of money, but always rich in terms of love and loyalty and in caring for others.

Russell High recognises the importance of providing a warm, friendly and supportive learning environment in which a young girl can grow into a confident young woman, equipped to face the ever-changing world.  It is our belief that each girl is unique and needs to believe in her own self-worth in order to realise her full potential.  This special atmosphere of love and respect has created the unique “Russell Family” which the girls fondly remember long after leaving school.

Many of the current pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds and their families face countless challenges. Every effort is made to keep the fees as low as possible and they are consistently less than a third of the other government school for girls in the area.  The Russell High School Trust is one way of supporting the school and keeping school fees low while providing quality education.  The Russell High Old Girls (RHOG) are committed to growing the Trust fund so that the school remains accessible to as many girls as possible. 

Please see our RHOG Bursary Fund fundraising page for further information on how to contribute towards this cause.


Donations to date

R 12 846.53

Fundraising target

R 65 500.00

Donor Messages

One of the Cheesman girls
With thanksgiving for Winifred Edith Muriel Alexandra born April 1912 who put four of us through Russell High because she wanted us all to be educated. You did it Mum.
Janine Elliott
In remembrance of Pat Howard, my mother and a Russell old girl. We never got to spend many Mother's Days with you, so this is for you Mom.
Rose Owen
Thank you Russell High for creating an amazing space for the young women of Pietermaritzburg to grow and learn. In honour of my amazing mother for Mothers day
Matric 1995
Monthly donation of 'the year I left RHS'
Class of 1984
For the school that was a home away from home. For the best teachers, who inspired me to push myself for what I wanted and gave me ALL the opportunities. For my fellow pupils for the fun and love.
Ellen Porter
In memory of Edith Hilda Houseman and Norman Houseman who put 5 girls through Russell High. I'm one of them and all the better for it.
Matric 1995
Monthly donation of 'the year I left RHS'
Thank you, RHGS
Thank you to Russell High for being a second home and family and for making us the ladies that we have become. Happy 140th, and we wish you many more.

Activity feed

One of the Cheesman girls donated R 144 to Russell High School Trust via Russell High Old Girls
09 May 2019 R 144
Janine Elliott donated R 308 to Russell High School Trust via Russell High Old Girls
07 May 2019 R 308
Rose Owen donated R 257 to Russell High School Trust via Russell High Old Girls
07 May 2019 R 257
Class of 1984 donated USD $ 37 to Russell High School Trust via Russell High Old Girls
10 Apr 2019 USD 37
Ellen Porter donated R 1 665 to Russell High School Trust via Russell High Old Girls
08 Apr 2019 R 1 665