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Please help Ryan and family Campaign

Dear All,

I'm Ryan, facing a daunting battle against Multiple Myeloma. Despite positive strides, I must seek treatments in England unavailable in South Africa. Pride humbles me to ask for assistance, a stark contrast to my past contributions to fundraising campaigns. As a devoted father and a 30-year veteran in the travel industry, unexpected health challenges collided with the industry's COVID-19 downturn.

Now in a wheelchair and grappling with financial strain, I seek help for medical expenses and a chance at life. My family faces uncertainties as bills accumulate. Monthly disability grants and my wife's salary fall short. I plan to travel to England for treatments, hoping for a brighter future with my family. Any financial support, no matter the size, would be life-changing. Your generosity will aid in our journey toward recovery and reunification.

With sincere gratitude for your time and potential contributions, Ryan Charles and Family.

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