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Sagaria care is engaged in the Evangelical upliftment of the community, and teaching children of the gospel. Many children and toddlers of poor households never get the opportunity to get away from home. We take them on camps and other activities during school holidays. During that time, we look after their well-being and physical needs. This creates an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. After such a camp, we follow up with visits to the houses of the children to engage their parents and to attend to their needs on an ongoing basis.

To give Christian prisoners who are released an address where they can get on their feet. This will include basic necessities which are not available elsewhere, or difficult to obtain like:

-Help them to Fica and open a bank account,

-Help them to Rica and obtain a cell phone, Help them to attend a church of their choice,.

-Help them psychologically and therapeutic to adjust to life outside prison.

-Help them to obtain employment.

There are quite a number of derailed persons in our community due to joblessness, broken marriages, trauma, life pressure, etc. Some of these people only need a little motivation, understanding, and help to get on their feet again.

Sagaria co-operates with orphanage houses to help them with clothing, food, stationery, and health care, where possible.

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