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South African Haemophilia Foundation

Haemophilia causes dangerous haemorrhages internally and into the joints and muscles, resulting in severe pain and eventually causing crippled limbs. It leads to interrupted education and eventual difficulties in obtaining and keeping employment. Frustration and depression so engendered can be the cause of social difficulties.

The mission of the SAHF is:

  • To provide a fellowship for persons with haemophilia and similar conditions, for their families and those concerned in their health and welfare.
  • To promote the interests of persons with haemophilia and similar conditions.
  • To, where possible and within the means of the Foundation, financially assist persons with haemophilia and similar conditions needing such assistance.
  • To strive to facilitate adequate treatment facilities and access to safe products for the treatment of haemophilia at the best financial dispensation possible.
  • To render its services in the Republic of South Africa.

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jgj visser
Great Journey every step counts hope everyone contributes to your success and support this wonderful cause

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jgj visser donated USD $ 150 to South African Haemophilia Foundation via Kili-on-purpose
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