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Hi good people I cannot do it individually anymore but need a crowd intervention. nobody is an island we all need each other. My son Lorenzo started high school this year will be attending for next 4 years and then proceed to a TVET college to continue agricultural studies. As a Lsen learner he had to be placed away from home receiving academic tuition and practical lessons he's chosen field is Agriculture, he is an up-and-coming farmer.  Lorenzo is a hostel student, fees are hostel, school fees transport, special skills fee, sports etc.  I have a signed letter from the principle detailing the cost and confirming Lorenzo's attendance at school. Lorenzo is at Suid-Natal high school in Port Shepstone. Brilliant school and teachers and the onus is on himself too, to have achieved good results he had to put in a lot of hard work. The past 3 terms Lorenzo achieved very high marks that he did not achieve previously. He is also very passionate about rugby and his teachers sees a lot of potential in him with the rugby. Lorenzo's sibling Nathaniel my baby currently in grade 3 this year. Nathaniel also has been very successful with team mates to make Kokstad Junior School very proud with winning cricket and hockey matches, Mrs. Pride hockey coach says he is very good and plays very well. Sports can take any child very far, but academic achievements are also key. Education is costly for all parents. Our household consists of sole bread winner myself; my husband's contract job came to an end 2 years ago. I do small projects cooking baking and selling to raise extra funds for school related costs but am not making the figures. Schools close November and accounts needs to be on a null balance. I humbly make a plea for people who can step in and help to do so and please reserve nasty comments, nobody asked for challenging positions, we all do what we can and to ask for help is most brave thin one can do. I will also backabudy when my situation improves. I'm kindly asking for a sponsor for my son Lorenzo who is staying at hostel, payments can be made directly to Suid-Natal High School account.  Also support that will come in for Nathaniel money can be directed to school as well.   May the good Lord help us all as the struggles are real out there for everyone in these tough economic times, unity has strength, and much can be achieved jointly instead of individually. 


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