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Violent attack on Shacks leaves toddler scared and in dire need.

Musa, a domestic worker along with her husband and baby son fell victim to one of the many violent attacks that happen daily in our informal settlements in South Africa Johannesburg.

Their “shack” was attacked by “totsies and Kb`s daddy murdered, Mommy beaten almost to death, and he was burnt and whipped with a shambuck -yes you read right. Imagine being not yet 2 years old.

While Mommy Musa, laid beaten and bruised she defended and fought for herself and her son, they made a run for it and managed to get to a place of safety.

Once Musa was safe, made contact with my sister – whom she works for, and my sister immediately went to fetch them and had them seen too by Drs etc.

My sister has made space for them to move in with her and her family where they are safe and no longer need to live in fear. And have become very much part of our family.


This is where we need you our incredible community to assist us. As everything that they owned was burnt, they have had to start from scratch. We have managed to purchase baby goodies and a few items donated for both mom and Baby.


Baby KB needs to see a Paediatrician and possibly have skin grafts on his burns, trauma counselling and most importantly needs to go to school to ensure that his future is bright.  


My sister and her husband have 16-year-old twins themselves and just like us all, life is a struggle and as much as they with the help of myself will do everything possible to ensure life is better for this precious little soul (my new little nephew) who only deserves to be happy and safe, we need your help with reaching the goal of achieving the above.

It's not easy asking for help, but we know we're surrounded by amazing, loving and caring friends and family who understands that every child deserves a chance in life!

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Donor Messages

Joey Grotsius
Chris &Sally
May you Grow up a strong man and know God is all you need in life 🙏 ❤️
Kerry Coetzee
God's got you and your mommy safely in the palm of his hands. Bless you xx
Be blessed baby KB, you are surrounded by so much love and support so there is only upwards and onwards from here 🤗
Wishing you and your mom only peace and healing going forward.
Stay strong family 🙏

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Anonymous donated R 1 000 via Baby KB
23 Feb 2024 R 1 000
Joey Grotsius donated R 350 via Baby KB
21 Feb 2024 R 350
Anonymous donated R 1 000 via Baby KB
21 Feb 2024 R 1 000
Chris &Sally donated R 550 via Baby KB
20 Feb 2024 R 550
Anonymous donated US $ 11 via Baby KB
20 Feb 2024 US $ 11