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Help Nicolas family rise above the ashes Campaign

I have known Nicola and her beautiful family for years. They are a lovely family with big hearts and show kindness to all who cross their paths. This time they need our kindness and support to rebuild and rise above the ashes. 

Saturday the 16th of September 2023

An uncontrollable veld fire jumped the N4 highway and sadly burnt down Nicolas family's entire house and their farm.

The Swaartruggens community & two fire engines came out to assist but there was no way of containing the fire. Devastatingly their two yorkies (Cosmos & Luna) were trapped in the house by the fire and there was no way of reaching them. 

The flames rolled through the entire house, consuming everything in it's path. There is absolutely nothing left inside the house. They are only left with their clothes on their back and have no insurance. 

It is extremely overwhelming and hard for them to comprehend that all they had is now gone. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

They taking it hour by hour , never mind day by day. 

The firefighters have deemed the house not safe and is out of bounds for 5 days. The pillars are starting to lean, bricks are starting to fall and you can see the house is starting to collapse in certain places.

The Roar for Wildlife animals are also still shaken up. Their food resources are extremely low due to the fire. The enclosures also need to be repaired. 

Sadly this is extremely overwhelming and devastating to go through, while trying to heal from the trauma.

They lost everything they had accumulated in their lives and can never replace those possessions with sentimental value but by donating money in any amount is a big way to help this family rebuild their lives. 

I am creating this platform for them to support their efforts to get back on their feet and to make it through day to day, while picking up the pieces.

Donations towards the 
Roar for Wildlife animals-
Grass,feed,fencing,would be a huge help.
Any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Please be part of this journey to help Nicolas  family get back on their feet. 


Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Donations to date

R 50.00

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