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Hi Friends.
My name is Sam, I'll start off with a bit of background, my mother died 13 years ago, it wasnt a natural cause, unfortunately from this happening my family and I lost everything. We have all been working as hard as possible to make ends meet. With that being said, we lost our medical cover. 

Through the last few months my father has fallen quite ill, we are unsure what the cause is or what it is. He has lost the ability to use the right side of his body. The government facility he was attending has turned a blind eye and hasn't done much to help him. He has begun having seizures and is losing his speech. I am very frightened and not sure how else to help him anymore. This is my father. My best friend. And I don't want to see him die. He's too young. 

I am asking for assistance in getting him the Healthcare he so desperately needs. 

Any assistance in this regard would be more than appreciated. Please don't let me lose my dad. 

Any funds raised will be used in getting my father the medical attention he needs. This will aid in his survival. Should there be a need for CT scans etc this will all be used to maintain the medical bills. 


Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Donations to date

R 14 771.10

Donor Messages

Hi Sam so sorry, my parents are also deteriorating very sad. Please get pops a wheelchair. Sending love and light. Xxx
Barbara Jacobs
Get well soon
Keeping you and your dad in my prayers! Please reach out if you need anything ❤️ Tereza & Fam
Keep going!
Sasha and family
Sending love and strength
Funds for Karl van Rensburg hospital Bill's.
Love and prayers for your dad Sam.
Sending huge love and healing prayers to Dad🙏🙏

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Janine donated R 2 000 via Carl needs help
18 Oct 2023 R 2 000
Anonymous donated US $ 500 via Carl needs help
09 Oct 2023 US $ 500
Anonymous donated US $ 11 via Carl needs help
07 Oct 2023 US $ 11
Anonymous donated R 200 via Carl needs help
05 Oct 2023 R 200
Sasha and family donated R 200 via Carl needs help
02 Oct 2023 R 200