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Good day all
I am so blessed to have a son who has such a huge commitment and passion for his sport. He is gifted in many aspects and is an all-rounder who gives his all on any sports field.
Aiden is an under-9 Turbo javelin record holder since 2019, and the record still stands. Aiden is also a two times SA champion, and a three times AGN javelin champion.
Aiden is actively involved in cricket, rugby and Javelin and we all know the price of sports attire don’t we?
With the South African championships around the corner, and being an average 13-year-old growing boy, Aiden has outgrown his javelin shoes, most of his sports attire and more. Aiden is also in desperate need of a new Javelin as his current one is no longer in good use and has seen better days. It’s time for a replacement.
I am in no financial situation to buy these items and I am reaching out to all who are willing to contribute to a new Javelin and a new pair of Javelin shoes and sports attire needed. All the contributions big or small will set Aiden up closer to making his dream come true.
“To participate in the 2023/2024 RSA Javelin Championships”


Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Donations to date

R 100.00

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