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My name is Sanelisiwe Dlamini from a small town Umzinto.
I'm 25 years now, the reason I started this fundraising is because I have problem with my teeths, the worse part is that I lost 2 upper front teeth in few years back which lead into me having a low self esteem about my self.

Growing up I have been having problem with my teeths. Sometimes they will get painful into a point where I need to take them out, some will get rotten and I will have to go to clinic to take them out.

I'm scared of laughing becauseĀ  people laugh at me.
I'm scared to talk sometime because of fear of people to see that I don't have teeth
I'm scared of looking for jobĀ 

Basically this thing have created depression, stress because I lack self confident in me.sometimes I think I'm not good or worth enough.

So now I'm in need of money to fix my teeth cause for now I don't have money, I'm not working.

Hoping this will bring back my confidence and be able to laugh out loud again.

Thank You.

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R 5 000.00

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