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3 year old girl molested Campaign

A 3 year old girl was molested for 6 months at the nursery school she was in. The perpetrator was identified by the little girl but the school as well as the local police investigators are covering it all up. The 3 year old girl has spoken to her mom and pediatrician. Showing exactly what the perpetrator did to her. Undressing her pants and putting his penis inside her vagina. Licking her vagina, putting his fingers into her vagina and also rubbing his penis all over her face and putting it in her mounth. She said that "white milk" came from his penis. She is having severe emotional damage, wetting herself and having nightmares. The perpetrator is a school worker and has been assisted by this girls aftercare teacher to take the girl away in order to do these horrible things to her. A case has been opened at the police station but the officer who was put in charge has already warned the perpetrator about the investigation. This little 3 year old must get justice for what has happened to her and let that pig and the assistant get thrown into jail. The medical report shows clearly that this little girl was sexually molested. My whole aim for this campaign is to get Mike Bolhuis to come with his experienced team and investigate this matter proffesionally. Unfortunately he is asking for a steep 25 thousand rand deposit in order to take the case. As he progresses, the more money needs to be paid. People of the world, I'm begging you with my whole heart to help me raise this money to help this cause. There is the deposit that needs to be paid, play therapists/ phycologists that the child as well as the mother needs to go and see. The shock and emotional damage is unexplainable. The mother is a single mother and her urgent needs are to long to even think of. What if this was your 3 year old girl and this happened at school where you thought she was safe? The girl has to go for several medical tests including an HIV test. Please help me to help this mother and daughter. Any parents worse nightmare has come true and she and her little girl needs our help to show ee will not stand for sexual child abuse. The perpetrator is walking around still at the school and who knows how many more children are victims of this cruel act. He chooses the young children as the struggle to speak. So much expenses are now ahead and with Mike Bolhuis help, I am sure this horrible deed will be uncovered and revealed to the world. 


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