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I have a Birth Defect of Fused Vertebrae in my Lower Back, but I Battle a Lot to get to get my Benefits of Compensation for my Injuries, Gratification for my Time Served, Pension, Medical Aid and Housing Benefits from the Government Pensions Administration Agency. 
I am Physically Disabled due to Severe Injuries to my Vertebrae During Basic Military Training and Miltary Service in the South African Defence Force from 1981-1994.
I appealled to the Medical Appeal Board (please see Decision Attached), but I was Falsely informed that the Board Rejects my Appeal.
No Meeting was Ever Held, since the Decision is Signed by Ghosts, and not Medical Practitioners, who should display their Names, Qualifications and Titles below their Names, if they are Indeed Medical Practitioners.
There are also no minutes available of the Meeting.
This matter can be Rectified.
In order to have the Decision Reviewed by the Supreme Court, I need to employ an Attorney and an Advocate, which will cost me R50 000.
Please Help me. I am Destitute, Disabled and Desperate.

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