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I've been accepted to study towards a BA in Sociology at the Cornerstone Institute, where I am also applying for financial aid since I cannot afford the tuition fees. I am asking your help to raise R5,000, a non-refundable payment that I will have to put down to register.

Help out by selecting the project below, then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Best wishes Sbosh!
Letizia Rustichelli e Paolo Davoli
Congratulations for your hopefully bright future!
good luck for your studies from Reggio Emilia
Elena Z
Best of luck from Reggio Emilia, may this be the beginning of an amazing adventure ;)
All the best for your plans

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10 Feb 2018 USD 26
03 Feb 2018 USD 149
Letizia Rustichelli e Paolo Davoli donated USD $ 26 to Sbosh Tuition Fees via Contribute towards tuition fees to pursue my dream
03 Feb 2018 USD 26
03 Feb 2018 R 753
03 Feb 2018 USD 25